City of Osceola, MO


The City of Osceola and/or it's employees reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who fails to comply with these rules and regulations, and may request their space be vacated immediately.  THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS!

Please remember: 

Take nothing but pictures, waste nothing but time, leave nothing but footprints, and enjoy your visit at our park in Osceola.


Recently installed by the "Friends of Osceola" group, this allows all campers opportunities for outdoor activities.


Named in memory of one of Osceola's former mayors, and an avid supporter of the park.  Mr. Guildford assisted in building the hall.  The hall can be rented for any event during the RV Park season (March-November) for $40.00/day with a $35.00 deposit (refundable if the building is left clean and tidy).  RV Camping Clubs have free use of the clubhouse for social interaction.


Everyone is expected to keep their site clean and orderly.

All trash should be bagged and brought to the dumpster.  There is no trash pickup at your site.  DUMPSTER IS FOR HOUSEHOLD TRASH ONLY.  NO ANIMAL PARTS!  Garbage must be bagged properly before placed in the dumpster.


All sewer lines must be free from leaks and have a "do-nut" or threaded attachment into the sewer.


Alcoholic beverages are allowed only at your site.


Check with the office before performing any vehicle maintenance or repair.


If there are any damages or problems at your site, please inform the manager immediately.


Fires are allowed in the fire rings.  Please do NOT throw household trash or aluminum cans in the fire.  Firewood is available upon request.


Ice is available for sale at $1.50/bag.


Campers will take full responsibility for the actions of their guests in the park.  All campers and guests should practice good camping manners. 


Disorderly conduct, drunkenness, vulgar language, or the use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated.  All federal, state, and local laws must be obeyed at all times.


 Pets must be kept on a leash and under your control at all times.  Be considerate of others - use a "pooper scooper".


Quiet time is observed between the hours of 10:00 PM - 7:00AM.  Radios and television volume and other disturbing noise and/or activity should be controlled during these hours, unless it's a park approved event.

 Bathrooms and Showers:

The park has both male and female shower/bathroom facilities.  All customers are welcome to use these as long as you clean up after yourself and respect the rules. 


The bathrooms are cleaned daily with antibacterial cleaners for your protection.  If there are any problems, please let the manager know immediately.


Trash cans in the bathrooms are for bathroom trash ONLY, not trash from your campsite!


Do not wash dishes or utensils in the bathroom.  Children are not allowed without adult supervision.  Any damages will be the responsibility of the parent or supervising adult.



Driving and Parking:

Speed limit for all vehicles is 10 MPH.  This is strictly enforced!  Motorized vehicle operator's must have a VALID driver's license and observe the posted speed limit.

Management reserves the right to deny use of any vehicle that is unsafe or excessively noisy.  Parking vehicles on unoccupied lots is prohibited (unless given prior approval by the manager).

No car/van/trailer washing without pre-paying $3.00.

Pedestrians have the right of way at all times and should carry a flashlight at night.  No bicycle riding after dark!

Don't take shortcuts through campsites unless you are invited.

Park in your own area or assigned spot; observe a safe speed; watch for children, pets, and wildlife.  Drive on the roads only.

These rules are not only for your neighbors and their visitors, but are for EVERYONE who stays, camps, or visits Osceola RV Park.  Please inform your visitors about our rules and regulations!

Registration and Rent:

Rent fees must be paid in advance.  We accept cash or personal checks with proper ID.


Check out time is 11:30 AM.  Contact the manager's office for late check out rates. 


Rates are calculated per night for 2 adults and children age 15 or under that are in the same camper/tent.  Separate vehicles/campers/tents on the same site are charged at the same rate as another site.

If you stay 7 consecutive days, the 7th day is FREE!


All visitors arriving after 9:00 PM will be considered an overnight guest.

RV Park & Campground RULES